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USNC describes FCM as a next-generation uranium oxycarbide tristructural isotropic (TRISO) particle fuel design, replacing the 50-year-old graphite matrix of traditional TRISO fuel with silicon carbide (SiC). Past irradiation performance 7.2. Spent Fuel Processing and Waste Disposal Section 9. Combined with recent bipartisan legislation, this latest development in fuel demonstrates a growing momentum for new nuclear reactors. No more expensive, gigantic concrete and steel structures to build, maintain and get rid of. Table 3.1 Graphite, SiC, and PyC Degradation Rates in Aqueous Solution. For example, tristructural isotropic (TRISO) fuel has several layers of carbon and carbide that serve as the primary containment for radioactive material. In-core ceramic and ceramic composite materials 7. Key TRISO-X Fabrication Processes Note: The initial license application will cover pebble fuel element fabrication, any additional fuel forms would be In November 2019 X-energy and GNF agreed to set up commercial HALEU TRISO production at GNF's Wilmington plant in North Carolina. The TRISO-X facility will be Category II as defined in 10 CFR Part 70. And, under DOE’s Advanced Gas Reactor (AGR) Fuel Development Program, BWXT has manufactured and certified TRISO coated kernels and fuel compacts in production-scale quantities. Table 2.5 Inventory of CSNF and DBSF. Advanced Fuel Concepts, Research Reactor Fuels, and Space Applications Section 5. The 34% fuel cost includes all front end and waste … INL scientists are researching nuclear fuels that are more tolerant to accident conditions, utilize energy resources more efficiently or leave fewer long-lived waste isotopes behind. In addition, preparation of acid-GICs from the separated graphite may constitute a way to recycle this waste. The companies signed a services contract to proceed with the preliminary design of a facility to fabricate advanced nuclear fuel for the X-energy Xe-100 high temperature gas-cooled reactor, which is designed to use HALEU TRISO fuel. It says the result is a safer nuclear fuel … Hexagonal block fuel elements for the prismatic HTGR design 6.2. X-energy has a TRISO pilot fuel fabrication facility at ORNL. We used HTR-type compact fuel with ZrO 2 TRISO particles to test two separation methods: low (H 2 SO 4 + H 2 O 2) and high (H 2 SO 4 + HNO 3) temperature acid treatments. This fuel is being built by a company called X-energy 20 for their high temperature gas cooled reactor. Radiation Effects in Materials for Fission Energy Systems Section 6. State of the art in TRISO-coated particle fuel irradiations 7.2.1. TRISO-X Fuel IS the containment vessel. In-core graphitic materials 6.3. 6.1. TRISO particles have a fuel kernel made up of a mixture of uranium and oxygen or uranium oxycarbide that is then coated with three layers: (1) an inside layer of high-strength pyrolytic carbon, (2) silicon carbide, and (3) an outer layer of pyrolytic carbon. Table 2.2 TRISO Fuel, Compact, Element, and Waste Package Data. Table 2.1 LWR TRU Waste and TRISO Inventory from 1000kg CSNF. Section 4. Reactor considerations 7.2.2. TRISO-COATED PARTICLE FUEL IRRADIATIONS 7.1. The Defense Department specified TRISO fuel in its request for solutions because the fuel is so robust. Corrosion, Compatibility, and Environmental Effects Section 8. The TRISO-X Particle is its own vessel, designed by our scientists to be the best fuel on Earth and the Department of Energy agrees. Table 2.4 Solubility Data for Radionuclide Inventory. Radiation Effects in Materials for Fusion Energy Systems Section 7. Table 2.3 Waste Package Parameters. The TRISO-X fuel fabrication facility will produce fuel elements ranging from natural uranium to 19.75% enriched. Tri-structural isotropic (TRISO) fuel is an innovation in physical composition that makes the fuel immune to meltdown. This is expected to produce TRISO fuel of "significantly higher quality and at costs that are substantially lower than other potential manufacturers."

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